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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


TAMASHAWARI, an Ancient Art ... for TODAY !!

How did “Self defence in your hand” come into being, it was from many years of training, practice and teaching.
I have been asked this question and also juggled with it myself “what is the simplest way to defend myself”?
Be “Confident and take Action”, but how and with what ?
Many talk about the confidence that the Martial Arts gives you.
My journey into the martial arts and that feeling of the need for self protection and more confidence started as a kid, at school in about 1969 I first started with Judo, then Karate, Aikido, Karate again, Kung fu back to Karate and lots of fitness and body training in between.
What style or genre I was able to train in all depended on what I was doing and where I was in the world from the U.K., Australia or some distant port.
One thing that linked many of these styles together was the skill and practise of executing a good punch or defending yourself against an attack usually from a punch.

This is one thing that is emphasized in most styles of martial arts and that is “to have a good punch”.... CLICK on PICTURES !!
In self-defence screaming or yelling may deter your attacker and a good solid practiced punch may need to follow.
When I first saw at the movies that people practiced hand conditioning it looked extreme and over the top and in the past these practices were I’m sure, appropriate and needed for the day. But today this can be practiced, fairly simply, safely and can be a start to covering the need for self protection in today’s society.
For many years I practiced the skillful art of non-contact Kara-te, which is the ability to get so close with speed and power that you feel the hairs on a face or the fabric of the clothes being worn.
TAMASHAWARI is the Art of the next step. The practise of hand conditioning so you have the ability to be able to skillfully penetrate, break or damage with full personal self-control.
For the purpose of “self-defence”, Tamashawari, hand, fist, punch practise and conditioning can be done virtually anywhere … excuse the pun, so that you always have “self-defence on hand”.
Once you have the basic idea of what to do “which” can be simply explained. Then practicing for a few months, initially only for 5 to 10 minutes a day, then regularly once or twice a week and you will have a punch that you can develop and feel very confident with. “ … a punch that you develop and maintain and that you carry with confidence everywhere you go” !!

You start with “your” best. formed. fist, supported by a correctly aligned forearm, arm and body.
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